Having been born colonial in its time, the American style in the interior has absorbed the culture of numerous countries. The basis is the English style, a large number of immigrants left Britain. It combines versatility and simplicity. When decorating the American interior, the inhabitants of the country try to emphasize their respect for traditions and mentality. Modern American style citizens boldly mix classic American-style design with baroque or high-tech. New features give him a constant search for novelty and imitation. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair.

Best American style

American style, the main differences between the American styles. A key feature is the arrangement of furniture and layout of the room. In the kitchen and living room, as a rule, there is no partition, which creates a single space. The furniture is not near the walls but is installed in the center. In an American style apartment, you will not find an abundance of decorative excesses, as in some other styles. Convenience and practicality are here.

Furniture design

American cuisine is well-equipped. The best American style Furniture material is usually varnished wood. It is taken in red or light wood. Lunch made of traditional wooden chairs. The finishes also use American style wood, suitable for panels and floors. There are options with stone tiles on the floor. The decor is not bright paintings, metal chandeliers, and fresh flowers.

Bedroom design

The bedroom also has a lot of items made from natural wooden materials. Wood goes for furniture and decoration. The classic American style version provides a high huge bed and a pair of nightstands with a chest of drawers. If there is free space, it will be possible to add a wardrobe. The American style furniture is in dark brown tones, and the bedding is in light colors. For family comfort, you can place a fleecy carpet on the floor and decorate the bedroom walls with paintings and photographs.

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