Ashley is positioning itself as one of the largest manufacturers Ashley furniture north Carolina in the United States. A feature of the assortment is a wide range of home furniture, including folding and wooden interior items. Headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin, it is owned by Ron and Todd Vanek (father and son). The products are sold all over the world, on different continents, the Ashley furniture north Carolina is more than 500 stores (own and under license) in such countries: USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan, etc.

The production facilities, warehouses and distribution centers themselves are located in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Mississippi. Also, production is established in China and Vietnam. Get more idea best way of restoring wooden furniture yourself

Ashley furniture history

The history of the Ashley furniture north Carolina company begins in 1945 with the foundation by Carlisle Weinberger of a company that sold furniture. A feature of the new company was the sale of wooden furniture: tables, cabinets, chairs. Initially, interior items were bought from local manufacturers and sold in Chicago. Then the city was a major center for the furniture trade. Later, an office opens in Goshen (Indiana).

Development studies

The impetus for the development of Ashley Furniture North Carolina was the investment in 1970 in a small company in Arcadia (Wisconsin). The founder of Arcadia Furniture was Ron Vanek, who until then had experience in a furniture factory. The newly formed company Vaneka began to manufacture wooden tables for various purposes. The first factory had an area of ​​35 thousand square meters. ft. The Ashley furniture north Carolina company began to develop quite quickly, and soon the first 35 employees were hired. For the first year, net profit amounted to about 360 thousand dollars.

Ashley brand furniture

Already in 1976, Vanek and other investors were able to buy back a controlling stake from Weinberger – and the small company turned into Ashley Furniture. Even after the merger, Ashley specialized in the sale of furniture, and Arcadia specialized in manufacturing, but soon they were combined under the same brand Ashley furniture north Carolina Industries Inc.

Ashley furniture manufacturer

Under the wise guidance of Vanek, Ashley expanded its assortment and gained momentum. In 1979, a new factory was purchased, at the capacities of which new models of home Ashley furniture north Carolina began to be produced. One of the first Ashley in 1980 began to manufacture tables and cabinets that were covered with shiny polyester. Due to the unique product design, it was possible to successfully enter the North American market.

Investment and innovation activity

Thanks to constant Ashley furniture north Carolina investment and innovation, the company has become successful worldwide. The headquarters was moved to Arcadia in 1982 – thanks to Ashley, a large part of the city’s population still works at this factory.

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