Can a bedroom be perfect? If the apartment has a special bedroom for sleeping or a bedroom, this is already excellent. Unfortunately, we still have not resolved the housing problem. Therefore, not everyone has a separate room for sleeping. But if it is, then it is necessary to equip the bedroom so that it becomes a kind of lullaby, ensuring healthy and sound sleep. But without special furniture, such a bedroom does not exist. And the main piece of bedroom furniture is the bed.

How to choose a bed for a bedroom

You should start the equipment in the bedroom for sleeping with the fact that you need to buy a bed. Even in a very modest quadrature bedroom, you can arrange a comfortable bed by abandoning a classic-style bed in favor of a folding bed hiding in the wall. Such beds are universal in that they contain several functions: they not only save space in the bedroom but also make it possible to use the outside, facing the room, side of the bed as a workplace. And in some models, shelves and drawers for bedding are mounted. There is a place in them where you can hide a bedroom for a sleeping suit, and bedding will be attached. Relatively new models of such transforming beds are produced by many companies. Kaliningrad was lucky in this regard: a completely new assortment of folding beds was mastered here. So there is plenty to choose from.

A separate topic is classic beds from Italy. If such a bed was “registered” in the apartment, the bedroom by definition became a luxurious bedroom for sleeping. Because the bed itself is an example of luxury and maximum comfort. Italian furniture makers recognized luminaries. They prefer to work with natural wood, and the upholstery is exclusively environmentally friendly material. The Italian double bed is the antonym of crowding. And an example of what should be a berth, capable of regaining strength in 6-8 hours.

When choosing a bed for a bedroom, it is worth considering the recommendations. For many, for example, the illumination of a bedroom seems to be secondary. In fact, and ophthalmologists insist that the bedroom for sleeping should be bright. “Let the twilight go” always – blinds or tight curtains will help. In the end, a sconce can be hung low. It is important that there is enough light, and solar, above all. If you do not detail, then the conclusion is this: the most suitable furniture in the bedroom fitting is bright. For those who appreciate dark furniture, there is a fairly simple option: make the entire “soft filling” of the bedroom dark: bedspreads, bedside rugs, curtains, etc. The final point in the equipment of the bed should put a mattress. Not a feather bed, not a mattress, but orthopedic mattresses.

They won the title “posture rescuers.” Moreover, posture bedrooms for sleeping without age qualification: the spine during sleep on such a mattress undergoes a kind of rehabilitation course. And in parallel, such a mattress gives a real fight to osteochondrosis.

How to choose a wardrobe in the bedroom

As for the rest of the bedroom for sleeping furniture, without it, the bedroom is not a bedroom. But I don’t want to clutter her up. A way out was found by furniture designers. They found an alternative to a traditional wardrobe, which required a lot of space both on its own and for doors opening outwards. Now increasingly in the bedroom place a wardrobe. Its doors are sliding apart, so you do not need to take into account the additional area for classic doors. So gaining additional space. At the same time, there is enough space on the shelves of the wardrobe, bedroom for sleeping enough in the compartment where the clothes hang. The choice of such a cabinet should be approached also taking into account the color. The color scheme should be on one channel.

In Kaliningrad, it is possible to buy a bedroom for sleeping set by choosing one that fits seamlessly into the interior. If you like light, choose light. From natural wood or today are in great demand by artificially created materials. Those who remain faithful to tradition and prefer dark furniture also have beds, wardrobes, bedside tables, dressing tables, and trolleys of tight brown and even black color. But in any color, wardrobes whose doors are made of glass with sandblasting look beautiful and modern bedroom for sleeping. Cabinets with a combined facade are also popular: a blank door in tandem with a mirror or frosted glass with a pattern. In the catalog you can clearly see how the design of the bed and wardrobe modify the entire atmosphere of the bedroom, making it avant-garde or emphasized classic.

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