How to choose a table and chairs do you know it? When designing a dining area in the kitchen, it is very important to choose the right dining table and chairs. What is needed for this:

  • Determine what style to design the dining area;
  • Determine in what color to draw up the dining area;
  • Determine which table size is right for you.

So, we will consider all stages in more detail.

How to determine the style of the future table

There are many styles, but we will consider fairly general definitions. So, there is a classic style, but there is a modern one. What is it?

The classic style is distinguished by the presence of a sufficiently large number of decorative elements and, as a rule, streamlined forms. Furniture in a modern style is characterized by straight lines and the absence of unnecessary details. Of course, when choosing a dining area style, first of all, you should pay attention to choose a table and chairs for your kitchen furniture. The styles of the kitchen and dining area should be the same.

With the color of the future dining area, you are also tied to the kitchen furniture, but also pay attention to the color of the floor and walls.

Best leather furniture care for your living space. The choice in favor of leather furniture is often based on the fact that it not only looks expensive and stylish but is also, environmentally friendly.

Kitchen furniture

Firstly, the table should be combined with kitchen furniture, but this does not mean at all that it should be exactly the same color as the kitchen. A combination of contrasting colors will look very attractive. For example, cream kitchens and chocolate-colored tables.

Kitchen sofa

If you decide to highlight the dining area with the contrasting color of the table, then chairs should be chosen to match the kitchen. Also, you can use decorative elements in order to connect the color of the table and the overall interior of the kitchen. Further, a very important point is how to choose a table and chairs for the size of your living room.

The choice of the size of the dining table depends primarily on the size of your kitchen. It is important to understand that in the kitchen you not only sit at the table but also move around. Best leather furniture is for your living room.

A few recommendations according to the size of the room:

  • Into the kitchen measuring 6 sq.m. fit table no more than 90 cm 60cm.
  • For a kitchen measuring 8-8.5 sq.m. the optimal size will be no more than 11070 cm.
  • If the kitchen is from 8 to 10 sq.m., you can choose a table up to 12080 cm in size.
  • If the size of your kitchen is more than 10 square meters. m. you are less limited in choice.

In any case, before buying a table, it is recommended to make choose a table and chairs are the pattern of the desired size, for example from old newspapers or boxes, and put it on the floor in the place where you want to draw up the dining area. Also, do not forget about the chairs, they also need to be taken into account when calculating the size. Leave at least 30 cm on each side for each chair.

And a couple more useful tips. If you plan to put a kitchen sofa, it is better to consider a table on one or two legs, so it will be more convenient for you to sit at a table, legs on the edges of the table will not bother you.

If guests often come to you, it is recommended to purchase a table that will increase in size, so you will save yourself from having to make a chain of different tables so that all guests can fit. When choosing a table with glass on the countertop, I recommend choosing tables with light glass or with a pattern, this will save you time erasing fingerprints from the table. And if your house has small children, it is best to choose a table and chairs with a stone worktop, and glass tables should be avoided.

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