Although it seems that things are shaking up, we still witness the occasional furniture factories company closure that puts us all feet on the ground. The last great closure due to its notoriety is undoubtedly so far the crash of this year. I suppose that all professionals are clear since I am referring to the Mobile Firm. What a shock to receive overnight the news that this well-known Senya factory closed its doors without further ado!

A furniture factories

In any sector, there are company closures, and surely in all of them, there are annoying damages. Here we have to talk about the furniture sector, where company closures generate more than one complicated situation, to say the least.

From the commercial perspective, in the relationship of the factory with its distributors, or professional clients:

  • Furniture exhibitions that expire instantly, since you can no longer work with these products and you have to sell them at any price, assuming the loss of money and space while the furniture of the closed brand remains in the store.
  • Commitments with clients that will no longer be able to be fulfilled. In these cases, it may even be necessary to refund amounts received on account.
  • Post-sale guarantees without manufacturer endorsement.
  • Management of commercial documentation, websites, brochures, and other supports in which the furniture of the closed company is exhibited.
  • Administrative management of possible pending balances attention to creditor organizations such as the Treasury, Social Security, or others.

But in this relationship of two, it can always be said that it is part of the game, part of the business risk. The same risk posed for manufacturers by the possibility of finding a closed distributor, when collecting pending invoices for example.

Even more important is the consumer perspective:

  • Unable to receive an exchange for a defective part.
  • Impossible to expand the furniture with the same furniture.
  • Possible problem with the store, due to the impossibility of offering an alternative.
  • Possibility that the store ends up delivering a non-original replica, informing or not the buyer that the furniture is going to be made in another factory.

Why am I saying all this? Well, because it seems to me that you have to be very responsible. The appearance of normality until the last day is understandable, but you have to try to schedule things to minimize damage.

Furniture new catalog

Mobley had just released a new catalog! They were doing new implantations, even collecting old exhibits! As always in these cases, the representatives of the different areas may have been defending normality until the day after, they may even believe it.

The fact that a trader gets when he realizes that he has recent exhibitions, from a manufacturer that has just closed, today that it costs so much to decide to invest in one product or another is the face of cheating that we can all imagine. Even if you eventually manage to return a receipt, who knows if it does not end up being a problem, on top!

Consumers perception

It is not acceptable that there are consumers who believe that they are going to receive a piece of furniture from the brand they chose at home, and end up receiving something made in any furniture factory wiki that is going to do it in a hurry, in the first run, and most likely without technical drawings or original raw materials. And I say that it is not acceptable, but it is done, and that is how it goes to this sector in regard to the consideration of the public.

Everyone who reflects on their own what they want, and the public who cares as much as possible about what and who they buy, for now, that is the best advice.

Furniture assign plan

There is no obligation to assign plans or keep stock to guarantee after-sales of industrial products such as furniture. There is no guarantee or insurance that covers the manufacturer’s responsibilities towards the distributor or vice versa.

We do not speak of damages to employees, or to suppliers and various creditors, these are not specific to the furniture sector and for them, there is a huge legal regulation, better or worse, but it does exist. If those responsible have made any mistake or negligence in management, it is possible that they end up responding to the whole world with all their present and future assets. And if otherwise there are no mistakes or negligence, or things have been well prepared, there will be no personal responsibilities.

Furniture services

On the other hand, the stores have not lacked the appropriate rumors about who would make the Mobley furniture to continue providing service. They told me that Mobley was closing, two days before that happened. In minute one of the closing there was already someone who had told me that the furniture would be made by Modena, the following week there was a Portuguese man collecting orders all over Spain assuring that he was going to do it perfectly and at the best price, and within a few days they assured me that it’s going to be Pilferer. The truth is that I have no idea if someone is going to do something or not. It is also true that making furniture is not so easy, making it perfect and also making a profit out of the box even less that is why I believe that we should not talk about relays lightly, as if a supplier were a child giving to the rope that leaves and another comes to give.

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I think you have to be responsible and try to minimize damage. At a minimum, distributors and customers must be given the appropriate information so that undesirable situations do not occur.

Welcome to Mobley

I go to your website and what do I find? “Welcome to Mobley” nothing has happened here, as if nothing had happened. Even a news section in which a new catalog is presented! This will be the last important news of the brand; surely no one cares about the fact that it is closed. If the store is telling me that it is closed, who is lying? Why is it going to be a lie?

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