When arranging furniture in Maine your home, there was always a question of how to make it more comfortable and elegant. The answer may be the right selection of furniture. After all, furniture should not only be functional but also carry aesthetic satisfaction. Modern designers go to any experiments with the material from which it is made, and the forms that sometimes make you smile. But there is one win-win option – this is wooden furniture in Maine, it has always been appreciated for its beauty and practicality. However, in order to extend its service life, it is necessary to know some features and secrets on how to perform proper care of wooden furniture.

Furniture Care

Wood, as a material for furniture in Maine, requires constant attention and careful handling. Caring for wood furniture is a fairly easy process. Every week, wood furniture needs to be cleaned from dust or other contaminants. For cleaning, any soft fabric material is suitable. First, you need to do wet cleaning, and then wipe dry. You can use special fluids, but before that, carefully study the composition for the absence of substances harmful to the tree. The temperature regime in the room should be maintained the furniture in Maine within reasonable limits. The minimum temperature should not fall below +15 degrees. However, high temperatures can have a harmful effect on it. The consequences may be: drying out and deformation. Since the tree is sensitive to moisture, it will also take care to maintain relative humidity at 65 percent. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is also harmful to furniture. It is necessary to carefully treat wooden furniture in Maine, not to allow blows, because of the possibility of chips and dents. Periodic broaching of metal mounts will not be superfluous.

Furniture Care Rules

Wooden furniture in Maine is famous for its reliability and sophisticated appearance. Here are some tips for caring for your natural wood furniture and keeping it in excellent condition:

  • To save the working surface of the table from traces of the use of hot dishes, use special stands or linings for cups, glasses, pans, etc.
  • Care for lacquered American furniture in Maine has its own nuances. Avoid contact with varnished surfaces of household chemicals, which, due to the presence of aggressive substances in them, can damage the coating structure. In case of accidental contact, it is recommended to immediately rinse the contaminated area and wipe it with a dry cloth or napkin.
  • Do not use damp fabrics to care for polished furniture. To do this, it is better to use special cleaners designed for the desired type of coating. To keep furniture in Maine clean for longer, use sprays that contain antistatic agents.
  • It is not recommended to often use liquids to restore polished surfaces, as this can adversely affect the appearance due to the appearance of a thin layer of residual substances on the furniture, which will be a big problem to remove. Use reconditioning sprays no more than four times a year.
  • When cracks appear, the polished surface can be restored using wax, and if iodine accidentally gets on the furniture in the Maine plane, it can easily be removed with the help of raw potatoes, wiping the place of contamination.

Conditions for the proper care of solid wood furniture

When cleaning wood from solid wood, it is rubbed in the direction of the structural pattern of the wood, which helps to remove dirt from small pores. You can use vacuum cleaners to clean wooden furniture in Maine using a specially designed soft nozzle. On hot days, if the room is well lit by the sun, it is advisable, as far as possible, to protect the solid wood furniture from sunlight on it, using a dimming film, blinds or in any other convenient way.

It remains to say that wood is the most environmentally friendly material and furniture in Maine made of it is much safer and more pleasant than that made of new-fashioned materials. The choice and decision will always be yours. You can make the selection of the necessary options by contacting us at a store where any furniture will be selected. For the convenience of choice, we have a catalog of furniture in Maine for the bedroom, bathroom, children’s rooms and other types of premises. Calling us, experts will answer all your questions and advise on all incomprehensible details.

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