A large selection of modern models and a variety of styles will allow you to choose a glass table top types for the interiors of modern styles, and for classic options.

Glass counter tops

Manufacturers of luxury furniture pay special attention to the processing of glass counter tops. Special hardening makes the surface as reliable as wood, but there are practically no scratches on the glass table top, unlike wood. High-quality grinding and finishing of the edges of the counter tops protect against accidental cuts and injuries. The legs, tables, and decor of elite glass tables for the living room are made of 100% solid wood, reliable metal alloys, or high-quality plastic. The mechanisms of folding models are designed by professionals and made of quality materials.

Manufacturers, which focus on middle-income clients, use cheaper wood, metal and plastic options, but tempered glass table top types is required.

Choosing a table

When choosing a table with glass, keep in mind that fingerprints often remain on it, so you will have to wipe it more often. This problem can be solved. Manufacturers offer frosted glass table top products; fingerprints are not visible on it. If there are children in the house, then pay attention to the round tables for the living room. Lack of corners will protect your room during children’s pranks. Choice Alabama furniture types and feature –

The functionality of glass tables is not inferior to wooden counterparts. They can be laid out and transformed, turning from compact models into large dining tables.

  • Some glass table top models are equipped with plug-in segments, which increase their area by 30-50%.
  • Tables with a book mechanism, when folding, doubled.
  • Models that slide apart when turning the countertops also increase significantly in size.

Folding tables

The forms of folding tables are not limited to rectangular and square; there are interesting models of oval and round shapes. The presence, in some models, of shelves under a transparent glass table top types allows you to decorate the table according to the theme of the holiday. In glass transformer tables, in addition to the size of the counter top, the height of the legs is also adjustable.

Glass surfaces

The color scheme is quite wide. The tinting of glass surfaces allows manufacturers to use many shades, depending on the customer’s wishes. Therefore, it will not be difficult to pick up chairs and other glass table top furniture of the same tone with the table.

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