Arizona home dining table is the best culture globally. Constant quarrels in the family food are not always a sign of a lack of understanding. It is possible that the reason lies in the improperly selected kitchen table.

If he is not at all, and family members prefer the home dining table to eat in the living room or in front of the computer, then there will be no good relations. Family dinners really bring together. But anyhow, what table does not fit. You need to choose it based on the size of the kitchen and the number of households.

Perfect size

Large families and large tables needed. But not more than half the area home dining table of ​​the kitchen. Too large a table disrupts the circulation of energy flows. But a small table is not an option: it creates the illusion of poverty. The best option is the transformer.

Best location

If you put the table in the wrong place, then family members will not want to eat at it. And again his role will be played by a bedside home dining table or a stool. Do not push the dining table into a corner or close to the wall. According to Feng Shui, a geopathic zone passes along the walls, the frequent presence of which can adversely affect health. It is the best family food to set the table so that you can get around it from all sides.

Best movement

Round Table symbolizes the unity, understanding, and prosperity of the family. A square table disrupts the movement of energy flows. However, the home dining table is the corners that can be smoothed out: just put a large round vase or lamp nearby.

Family coloring

Not only ancient sages but also modern scientists speak about the influence home dining table of color in American furniture on a person. The blue color will bring peace, green – harmony. Yellow and orange colors improve mood, white represents purity. If you really want a black home dining table, then you need to pick up white or red chairs for it.

Respect opinions

Of course, the table will not teach people to respect opinions and protect each other’s feelings. But a good home dining table will help you tune in to a new day, and a joint meal will provide an opportunity to talk calmly and reduce the likelihood of conflict

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