New home furniture in the room always pleases the eye and gives us a feeling of warmth and coziness. So you want to keep its original appearance for as long as possible! Proper furniture care will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your sofas, cabinets, kitchens for a long time.

General tips

It is important to properly position the home furniture in the room. Do not place it near heating appliances and do not allow it to be exposed to direct sunlight. From increased temperature, objects become fragile, their service life is reduced. It is advisable to place a source of moisture in the room – an aquarium or a small fountain. Good effect on the stabilization of humidity in the plant. All this will prevent premature wear of furniture. Best American home furniture benefits of craft

Correct initial assembly of products contributes to their longevity. Call the wizard, and if you assemble the structures yourself, use the instructions attached to them and assembly drawings.
We care for cabinet furniture

Wooden cabinets and wardrobe are recommended to wipe with a soft cloth. It must be moistened and squeezed carefully. After wet processing, the surface should be wiped with a dry cloth. Antiseptics do a good job cleaning polished furniture; they form a polishing film on the products. Due to this, dust settles on cabinets and wardrobe much more slowly.

Home furniture lacquered must be constantly wiped with a cleaning agent containing beeswax. It has a water-repellent and antiseptic effect, gives the furniture a special shine, eliminates minor defects. If spots from contact with hot objects appear on the surface, they are removed with a piece of woolen cloth that is moistened with a solution of vegetable oil and alcohol.

How to care for upholstered furniture?

From upholstered home furniture, it is necessary to periodically remove dust using a vacuum cleaner. At least 1 time per month, it is recommended to clean it from dust with a wet method. If the furniture is upholstered with a cloth, cover it with a damp sheet, then carefully knock it out. For greater effect, the fabric is wetted in an acetic solution. Pay particular attention to seams where dust settles the most. Leather sofas and armchairs are simply wiped with a damp cloth.

If you spilled liquid on the fabric upholstery of the furniture without delay, remove it. Use a mild soapy water solution and a soft brush. Carefully remove the stain by cleaning home furniture only the problem area. After cleaning, dry it. Fresh tea and coffee stains are removed using a solution of vinegar with a detergent.

Soak old dried stains with water, and then remove with a soft brush or sponge. Stains from the leather surface are removed with a soft and damp cloth. Do not use soap, acetone, or alcohol, they can ruin the surface of the skin. If you take care of your home furniture cabinet and upholstered furniture, take care of it, it will serve you for a long time.

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