The choice in favor of leather furniture is often based on the fact that it not only looks expensive and stylish but is also environmentally friendly. Such furniture can last a very long time, and will never go out of style. The age of your sofa can only be given by careless or improper care. Any furniture needs specific care, no matter how resistant to dust and dirt it may seem to you. Caring for leather furniture is quite simple, you just need to know, remember, and follow the rules for care.

Arranging furniture correctly

In a comfortable leather furniture armchair or sofa, it is so nice to sit by the fireplace, enjoying the warmth and playing of the flame. But it should be remembered that the furniture should not be located too close to the heat source. Also, do not blow dry your skin or leave it in direct sunlight.

We take care of leather furniture regularly

Regular maintenance helps maintain the appearance of the furniture. It is not complicated and does not take much time. A wet vacuum cleaner and soft leather furniture, damp cloth is suitable for dust removal. After wet cleaning, wipe the skin with a microfiber cloth so that there are no traces and stains. Strong contaminants are removed with a natural soap without resorting to solvents or other aggressive agents. Saddle Soap gives good results. With a solution to this soap, you can wipe the surface leather furniture of the sofa, after which you need to wipe the furniture with a cloth dipped in clean warm water. Two or three times a year, the leather furniture needs to be cleaned and treated with a special protective agent.

Emergency care – remove stains

Try to use special skincare products to remove stains from felt-tip pens, wine or medicinal tinctures. In extreme cases of leather furniture, you can use alcohol. Never use chemical solvents, stain removers, or abrasive powders for emergency cleaning. Avoid strong friction; any dirt should be removed with light movements. You need to know the best American furniture manufacturing.

Fat and oil (but only of animal or vegetable origin) can simply be wet with leather furniture a dry cloth; they will be absorbed into the skin and will not be noticeable. The remaining spots should be removed using special tools. But even if you purchased a well-known brand, carefully read the instructions. Remember that any product must first be applied to a cloth or sponge, and then treat leather furniture a small area in the least visible place. Make sure that the skin does not stain and does not change its original appearance. Only then can you start processing contaminated sites.

And if you are leaving and will not use the leather furniture for some time, then you need to cover it with a furniture cover to protect it from dust and insects. If you do not have a cover, then you can cover the sofa with a cloth.

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