Those who are new to recently popular minimalism guide should keep in mind that this is a term, but not a characteristic of overly modest and overly dull furniture. On the contrary, the minimalism of a modern apartment, as a rule, becomes a banal interior with great opportunities. And the whole “blow” of the interior features takes on itself, or rather, creates a special style – minimalism.

Furniture in the style of minimalism | Conciseness and functionality

Advanced designers who are constantly searching for new models minimalism guide are convinced that modern living room furniture, including a set of upholstered furniture, can be created in a minimalist style. Using simple geometric shapes, without abusing color, reducing decor elements or completely abandoning it, they offer solutions that are unique in aesthetic parameters.

Furniture style

This style will perfectly solve the problem of a small-sized apartment: bedroom furniture in a modern style, which has been called minimal, will fit 12 sq.m, providing complete minimalism guide are most comfortable. In Kaliningrad, they mastered the production and with success such an option. He, so modest in size, is able to “absorb” a lot of things, and certainly – bedding and clothes. Shelves and shelves, drawers and drawers, all kinds of niches – all this is “hidden” in the furniture. And in soft too: the ottoman has a double bottom, bed or sofa too. Such is modern bedroom furniture, this is its basic design principle.

Minimalist style home

To buy furniture in the style of minimalism, efforts will be needed only when choosing: today the range of such furniture is wide. And the price is much more affordable than traditional sets or headsets.

Minimalist living room furniture

An excellent solution is an upholstered furniture minimalism guide. For a small living room, this is the best option. All of it with built-in cabinets and niches, with a double bottom. Modern living room furniture can play a major role in zoning. There is such a contrast: minimum space and maximum capacity.

Design home

Having bought those objects for which a place has already been found mentally, having installed furniture and checking whether the design minimalism guide is suitable, we can consider the work on the living room completed. And the design can also be predicted. The color palette will help. For the most part, stylists offer light tones and shades: this is proof in practice that white and all light halftones visually increase the space. If you add one or two details contrasting in color to such an interior, the aesthetics will increase, but this will not affect the comfort.

Room furnished

Supporters of modern style minimalism guide characterized by courage and non-triviality. And the result obtained from a room furnished in such a style often becomes an agitator of such refined laconicism. It turns out that this may be a couch decision that does not affect the number of “seats”.

Best preference

Another category of minimalism style lovers is people who are creative or with a clear ascetic preference. They were the first to respond to a new stylistic decision. And they found another plus in it: keeping a room with furniture in a minimalism guide style clean is much easier. No carving, no pretentiousness. The reasonable and beautiful symbiosis of form and content.

Kitchen – furniture – minimalism

This trinity was the perfect minimalism guide solution for a small kitchen. Our kitchens, by definition, cannot do without specific, obligatory things – stoves, refrigerators, sinks. How to choose a table in your kitchen furniture in the traditional full set, most likely, does not fit. If it were not for modern minimalism guide solutions, namely the minimalist style that offers them, it would be difficult to count on the comfort of the most popular place in the apartment – the kitchen. A kitchen in this style is a lot of planes in furniture, especially on the facade.

Top surface

If the countertop is made of stone, glass is visible on other surfaces, then visually the area increases, and a special charm remains and dominates. This should look like a kitchen table: a clear rectangular shape with a reflective top surface. But an oval or round table in the kitchen, especially with a glass top, will emphasize, but not violate minimalism guide. If we are talking about material, the best option for furniture of this style is frosted glass, natural wood, aluminum profile, and chrome steel. They will decorate the kitchen in the style of minimalism.

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