The paintings are a room table ideal decorative option due to their aesthetic potential, being able to confer a lot of style, elegance, and warmth to homes. Now, when choosing them, we must always take into account their consonance with the domestic spaces where we want to put them, taking into account aspects such as sizes, motifs, tones.

In this ‘post’ we are going to give you some guidelines on what can be more recommended for each room, guiding you on the most suitable types of paintings for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms! Choosing a painting well can add a lot to decorate room table any corner of the home.

Living room

The living rooms, due to their size and importance as a domestic room, are perfect places to place large and striking paintings, having the possibility depending on the particular preferences both of placing a large painting that ‘focuses’ all the prominence and of opting for a correlative series of small char you, like what you can see in an art gallery or museum.

Main bedroom

This intimate space invites you to make a choice room table that is very personal, being the best place to put that special painting that you like so much. Regarding the specific place of placement, aside from the obvious one above the headboard of the bed, the opposite wall should not be ruled out; a location that allows you to constantly visualize it and that does not have to detract from ornamental effects

Children’s bedrooms

There are infinite alternatives for the rooms of the little ones, resulting in any case advisable to bet on colorful paintings that impregnate the room table with liveliness and joy. Animals, letters of the alphabet, numbers … the options are almost endless, here the painting also plays an important role in providing a feeling of comfort to children.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Although in principle these two spaces sullen conceived as exempt places boxes, the truth is that choosing the right can be achieved decoration give these room table a special touch, making having an original mark. Thus, you can choose for the kitchen still lives or compositions with gastronomic motifs in the wake of what we can find, for example, in many Italian restaurants. While in the bathrooms it would be advisable to opt for small abstract or geometric types.

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