In the house of almost every one of us, you can find a small chest of drawers. This is a piece of furniture with drawers. As a rule, bedding and clothes are stored in it. But, you can also put documents, photo albums, small household appliances, and much more into it. The number of rows of boxes varies from two to five. The chest of drawers is a fairly convenient place for storage since by pulling out a drawer, you can easily reach even an object lying against the wall. It is worth paying attention to which the small chest of drawers will be more appropriate to purchase for the bedroom. Leather Executive Chair for your living room

What materials are bedroom dressers made of?

Nowadays, furniture is made a small chest of drawers wiki from a variety of materials. Among them are wood, chipboard, as well as MDF. Wood options are the most expensive. Especially if these are dressers made of elite mahogany, maple or beech. Cheaper will be the purchase of products from the chipboard. Thanks to the special treatment, such a small chest of drawers serves for a long time and is not destroyed as a result of exposure to a high level of humidity. If the dressers on sale do not meet personal wishes, then you can purchase it to order. To increase the functionality of the product, install a mirror on the countertop.

We select a chest of drawers for the bedroom – the main points

Choosing a small chest of drawers will not become extremely difficult if you are guided by the following tips for selecting a piece of furniture:

  • Decide on the size should be in advance. Do not buy a bulky small chest of drawers in a small room. It will occupy a considerable space, which will negatively affect the comfort of the residents;
  • product form. If the corner is not occupied by anything in the bedroom, then put an elongated small chest of drawers there. It takes up very little space and allows you to acquire an additional storage system. Otherwise, do with classic-style furniture;
  • the number of boxes. The fewer they are, the deeper they are. Acquire at the rate of two boxes per person. The presence of guides is desirable the best small chest of drawers. It is thanks to them that the opening of the boxes will occur absolutely silently;
  • appearance. If the small chest of drawers is one of the pieces of furniture for the bedroom set, then it will look harmoniously against the background of the interior. If purchased separately, make sure that it is decorated in the same colors as the bed, bedside tables, and the wardrobe.

The best American style in the interior has absorbed are the culture of numerous countries furniture

How long will the chest of drawers last?

The life of the small chest of drawers is at least three decades. Wooden pieces of furniture are subject to restoration at all. There will be no need for special care. From time to time, you should only remove dust from the surface.

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