What colors in upholstery Colorado springs are taking this 2020? The 2020 trends in upholstery colors for living room furniture are guided by a variety of bold tones, which will conquer even the most demanding tastes.

Despite the plurality of shades, white is still the master tone and the universal base for balancing contrasts in designs and textures. But the most significant feature is the use of eclectic tones, which includes even the prints. We bring a selection so you can make the best decision.

Gray: The one who came to stay

For some seasons it has been observed how gray achieved the indisputable acceptance of experts in upholstery Colorado Springs for living room furniture. This is due to its versatility to combine with other surfaces, such as rustic wood.

The star combination in the decorative market is gray with green. It is also used with beige to emulate a natural style with visual relaxation.

Orange: brings warmth to the home

A marked trend this year is to use the dark orange shade in furniture and sofa upholstery Colorado Springs. Many choose this color because when combined with neutral tones, a lot of visual harmonies are obtained, ideal for any season of the year.

On the other hand, orange mixed with rose quartz captivated in previous seasons and still sets the standard in interior decoration. Also, the dark orange is appreciated in detail that adorns social spaces such as cushions and blankets, among other decorative accessories.

Green: harmony and elegance

For those looking to add freshness and beauty to their furniture, dark green upholstery Colorado Springs may be an option. This alternative was a widely used color in past decades, and today it returns to give character to the home.

In the trends, white upholstery Colorado springs with botanical prints is observed to mark the contrasts in the interior spaces. It is an option for those who want to captivate locals and strangers with a tropical environment.

American style in interior house design | Having been born colonial in its time, the American style in the interior has absorbed the culture of numerous countries –

Options for all tastes

The influence of the print is also strong among the trends of 2018. There are from white or black upholstery Colorado springs with geometric figures, flowers combined with strong tones to tribal prints with light tones and pastel colors, along with Victorian prints.

White with a chevron print in black or pastel colors is also popular with the public, who increasingly want to add more dynamism to their spaces.

In terms of textures, velvet takes the first place because it gives an irresistible feeling of comfort to social areas.

Get advice from the best in decoration

In this post, we have revealed the most outstanding upholstery Colorado springs trends for 2018. If you want to know more about how to improve your interior spaces, do not hesitate to contact our consultants to materialize your most intimate dreams.

Surprise your family and friends with the best choice. You will have the guidance of our experts, who adapt to your needs and demands of good taste with guaranteed satisfaction.

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