Do we know – What is a corridor? The passageways and narrow corridors are spaces in homes that we do not pay much attention to, despite the fact that we constantly walk through them. Small houses and flats abound these days, and in the absence of space, narrow hallways are areas that can be made the most of with functional and attractive decorative and storage solutions. Through these lines, we provide some practical ideas to take advantage of the possibilities offered by these areas of a home.

Choose low-volume furniture

In the first place, it makes no sense to place a piece of furniture that is too bulky that obstructs our passage and that of the guests. Ideally, opt for an elegant hall set that is composed of a console or shoe rack, whose depth does not exceed 40 centimeters, thus avoiding any stumbling in narrow corridors. In addition, what is a corridor, and we should gain knowledge about it? The hall is the first element of the home that you see, so it deserves more attention on our part, since, as they say, the first impression is what counts.

Play with the lights and mirrors

Lighting is another important factor in narrow corridors, being essential for the space to appear more spacious, beautiful, and welcoming. What is a corridor? And good idea is to install spotlights on the ceiling or on the walls, since, being recessed, they fulfill the function of lighting as we want without taking up space. In addition, they offer the advantage that we can direct the light to the places that interest us most. In this sense, we can multiply the light in the space by directing the light towards the mirror of the hall. In this way, we will achieve greater visual amplitude in the hallway, which will look warmer.

Does a bedroom need to have a corridor? We want to know the details about this.

Apart from the hall mirror, if it incorporates it, we can decorate the corridor wall with some other asymmetrical decorative mirror, which breaks the uniformity of the room. You can find mirrors with spectacular designs, which will be key to bringing originality to this so-forgotten area of the home.

Design artistic walls with paintings

The variety of colors and originality provided by artistic photographs and paintings make them decorative solutions that offer excellent results in what is a corridor? and narrow corridors? We encourage you to check our collection of paintings, and we recommend placing them on a single wall, leaving the opposite wall free and without decorative elements. In this way, we will draw more attention to them. We can hang them in a row or group them according to style and size. The important thing is to draw attention to that wall, making the hallway appear wider. As for the photographs, in narrow corridors, the images with depth of field give very good results, without saturated lighting.

Original decoration solutions

You can find what is a corridor and original decoration solutions for the narrow corridors of your home? So, you can collect these ideas, also providing your personal stamp, with the idea of getting the most out of these areas of the home, which, as you have seen, offer many possibilities.

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