Today, a lot of wooden furniture is made from artificial materials, so traditional wood furniture is becoming even more valuable for their owners because not one plastic can be compared with the beauty of the natural wood texture. However, such furniture is easily damaged and requires careful care.

In this article, we will tell you what to do if scratches, traces of hot objects, various impurities wooden furniture or light cup rings appear on the surface of the product.

Damage removal

In the case of minor damage wooden furniture, the defect can be corrected independently using improvised means.

Remove scratches

Shallow scratches on the surface of dark wooden furniture, such as walnut, oak or mahogany, are painted over with a solution of iodine diluted with olive or burdock oil. Scratches on wooden furniture made of beech, cherry or pear, with a pinkish tinge of wood – a mixture of vegetable oil and red wine.

Before tinting wooden furniture, a scratch, test the dye to choose the right amount. Cover retouched scratches with softened beeswax, it will fill the damage. After the restoration is complete, the entire item should be covered with polish and rubbed.

Also the best wooden furniture, scratches can be retouched using a special pencil, matched to the tone of the tree, and chips and deep scratches are “shallow”.


Traces of hot objects can be removed with a swab moistened with a solution of vegetable oil and salt or alcohol and vegetable oil added wooden furniture.

Oil and alcohol should be mixed in a 1: 1 ratio, apply the mixture to the stain with a soft swab in a circular motion until the stain disappears.

A small dark stain from a hot object on unpainted wooden furniture can be removed if ordinary mayonnaise is applied to the damaged area and left for half an hour.

To remove a light cigarette burn from the surface of unvarnished wooden furniture, the surface should be wiped with drying oil.


Polished wooden furniture is often damaged by plain water. It penetrates into the layer of varnish or wax that covers the furniture, the polishing in this place fades, and whitish spots remain. Therefore, it is not recommended wooden furniture to use a damp cloth to wipe the dust off the surface of the furniture.

There are several ways to get rid of these spots:

  • Using a mixture of soda and white toothpaste, taken in equal proportions;
  • A mixture of vegetable oil (burdock, linseed or olive) and cigarette ash;
  • Mixtures of vegetable oil and salt mixed wooden furniture.

After the procedure, the furniture should be covered with polish and polished with a soft, dry cloth.

Wooden furniture requires constant maintenance

Regardless of the fact that the surface of wooden furniture is varnished or waxed, it is afraid of water. Moisture penetrates the coating, forming a network of small cracks that look like a clouded polish. Therefore, it is better to wash the dust from wooden furniture surfaces with a dry cloth. If you still have to do wet cleaning, squeeze the cloth well and wipe the surface dry.

To freshen up a wooden furniture coating, you can use ready-made polishes based on wax and vegetable oils, or make a composition with your own hands:

  • A mixture of linseed oil and beer is suitable for the care of furniture made of beech or oak;
  • Using a mixture of red wine and vegetable oil, including olive, linseed, and burdock, you can refresh the surface of wooden furniture made of walnut, mahogany and dark oak.

Remember: regularity is the main principle of care for wooden furniture. And this is the main rule of wood furniture.

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